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~La Pareja~
I just wanted to see some queer latinx art sooo. This was fun to do because of the lighting and it was not fun to do because of the lighting.Denim is tough. Branches are tough, leaves are tough. Flesh is fun and flexible. I wanted expressive strokes! I think I delivered kinda. As with every piece I learned a thing or two.
Hope someone out there enjoys!

"Brown girl,
you are lovely
in every shade."


© 2013 Maza - Dohta

fair ‘n’ lovely is a constructed product of colonization,
and we are so much more. 

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Day 2 #radicalselflovejuly “your idol”

Gloria Anzaldúa’s work has been such an inspiration to my life, both academically and on a more personal emotional level. I admire her strength and courage to write about her life so unapologetically. To refuse to erase any of her identities and instead embrace the intersectional complexities of being a qwoc Chicana lesbian scholar writer living in El mundo zurdo. Reading her words inspires me to write about my experiences and explore myself more intimately as a qwoc femme brown gurl. <3 

" Why am I compelled to write?… Because the world I create in the writing compensates for what the real world does not give me. By writing I put order in the world, give it a handle so I can grasp it. I write because life does not appease my appetites and anger… To become more intimate with myself and you. To discover myself, to preserve myself, to make myself, to achieve self-autonomy. To dispel the myths that I am a mad prophet or a poor suffering soul. To convince myself that I am worthy and that what I have to say is not a pile of shit… Finally I write because I’m scared of writing, but I’m more scared of not writing." #GloriaAnzaldúa 
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A cuantas!!



CAR3L3SS apparel “vagina” tee



"Though we tremble before uncertain futures/ may we meet illness, death and adversity with strength/ may we dance in the face of our fears." 
gloria maguey, mixed media, 2013
Artist: Maribel Falcón 


East LA Brown Berets


I’m researching Chicano/Chicana Art for my Global Studies Final Project, and I came across this on google, I love it. I think this is the source.

"You are the one i’d let go the other loves for,
surrender my one-woman house.
Allow you red wine in bed,
even with my vintage lace linens.
Maybe. Maybe.

For you."

- Sandra Cisneros, “You Bring Out the Mexican in Me”(via hush-syrup)

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